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No bull just results

No bull just results

No bull just resultsNo bull just results

Blankslate Fitness

Hi, my name is Caleb Blankenship and I am the founder of Blankslate Fitness and I started my business in 2016. My journey in the fitness lifestyle started in 2010 and as the years passed I have only gotten more and more passionate about what I do . My journey first started with being a  competitor and I have been competing in bodying buiding for 5 years. I got certified as an personal trainer 4 years ago and have been helping people achieve their personal fitness goals since.

 Your health means everything to me and failure is not an option for me so it shouldn't be for you either, especially when it comes to your health and life-style goals. Let me guide you to the best you possible.

*Blankslate Fitness in person coaching in Kansas City