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Holly C.

I have lots nearly 100 pounds working with blankslate fitness. I live in Florida and even though blankslate is out of Kansas I feel they are right here with me. They are super personable and caring about your needs. With diet,  workouts, and 24/7 contact for questions they have a great customer service addition to them. I would highly recommend them! 

Omar T.

Caleb is very knowledgeable and an excellent trainer, he is never distracted when we have a training session. He is always avaiblaibe 24/7 to answer any of my questions and I highly recommend him if your looking for a trainer because he pushes you when you need it and is very patient when your learning new things. He is great at breaking things down and explaining them to you.

Sandra L.

kIf you are looking for someone to push you and help you reach your goals, this is your guy! Every workout I have had has been amazing, even when we are not training together he takes time out his day to correct me if he sees I am not doing something properly. If I'm slacking and he knows I can do better, he will let me know. He is always available to answer my questions and works well with my business schedule, he knows a lot about what he does. And is also very passionate! do yourself a favor and contact him now.


I have been training with caleb for about 8 months and I'm very happy. I have lost 30 pounds with caleb's diet and workout regime. It has been a lot of hard work and dedication but he Is always available for questions and concerns. I would recommend him as a trainer if your tired of trying without results. He adds a well thought-out plan of action combined with diet, structured workouts that best suit your individual needs and lastly the motivation of having a person to have accountability for when you have those bad days.


I have had a great experience with Blankslate Fitness in Kansas City . They have taught me a lot and helped push me past what I thought I could do, and helped me reach my goals. 

Kelley W.

Caleb cares about your goals and stops at nothing to achieve them. He is caring, knowledgeable and dedicated, I couldn't ask for a better support system. He gets you results!